Oh yes! They arrive in America with the visa and paperwork ready to go. This will allow them to apply for a Social Security Number. All the documentation you need! Done.
No! Responsibility lies with a designated sponsor organization.
Follow your regular procedures for disciplining your regular employees. In some cases the participant may not be aware of the problem or how to do a better job. We have found that discussing the work performance and expectations often solves problems. We will work with you and the student to get a win-win situation.
Employers pay no fees to participate in this program.
No! The student pays their own airfare.
Usually they live in apartments near their workplace. If you know about an affordable, safe apartment complex nearby, that would be very helpful. We will arrange a rental agreement for the students.
No. If you are providing free or discounted shift meals, that benefit is appreciated.
Between 32 to 40 hours per week is ideal. You must pay them the same as their American co-workers.
Another benefit for employers is that they don’t have to pay these! The IRS is specific about these exemptions for temporary, non-immigrant workers. Please visit the IRS Employer Tax Guide and Publication 515 at www.irs.gov.
Yes. They can and they must. The students will arrive with the paperwork needed to apply and get a receipt as proof for your files. The receipt will prove they are legal to work until the SS card arrives.
According to the IRS, participants should use their U.S. address and claim single with 1 allowance.
Yes. Especially if you pay by Direct Deposit.
Yes. They will pay State and Federal taxes.
Yes. W-2 forms should be mailed to participants in their home countries as early as possible. Ask your staff to give you a self-addressed envelope when they are filling out their W-4. This will help ensure you have their correct international address when it is time to send their W-2.
Yes. We screen all students for their English level by native-English speakers.
No. The students arrive with pre-paid health insurance premiums.
It is illegal for a participant to work past the date on their DS-2019 form. Under no circumstances can the J-1 visa or the work eligibility period be extended.
Participants are protected by the same labor laws as U.S. citizens. All job-related injuries are covered by Workers Compensation or L & I.