What is Summer Work and Travel USA?

Work and Travel USA is a unique program for foreign university students to spend their summer vacations in the United States to work and travel. The main goal of the program is to host these students and introduce them to the culture and life of modern America.

Overseeing the program is the Department of State. Representing the program are designated non-profit organizations ensuring the program rules are followed plus looking out for the students welfare.

Partnering with these organizations are in-country agencies abroad who register and screen students who want to participate. Their responsibilities include checking for applicants who can speak a minimum of conversational English, helping students prepare for the visa, making sure they have a job and a place to live or housing options. They also help them get affordable flights and give cultural training.

  • State Department conducts the necessary supervision and co-ordination of the program and determines the possible number of program participants annually.
  • Sponsors are US organizations approved by the State Department to manage the Summer Work and Travel Program.
  • Overseas Agencies are recruiting organizations that work  with Sponsors to select qualified students for the program.
  • Employers are US companies that offer jobs to the international students.
  • Participants are international students that come to the United States with a J-1 visa to work and travel for a period of 4 months.